There is no more B2B or B2C. It is now H2H or Human to Human. Every business is about humans.

Given that the physical and the digital worlds have merged, how do organisations strike a balance between the present and the future and stay relevant? How can organisations keep their employees happy and yet retain a growth trajectory? We work hand in hand with organisations to help them link their people’s aspirations with the organisation’s profitability.

As the virtual and the real worlds merge, people work in an in-between space. This challenges the conventional understanding of space. All the work happens in this new space, and the rise or fall of organisations is determined by the efficiency of people within this space. After people, real estate is the second biggest investment for any organisation. We help define this space and help organisations design happy experiences for their employees and for their customers. We help merge desirability (of the end user) with business viability & technical feasibility in corporate decision making, because we believe that life-changing ideation happens only at the junction of viability, feasibility and desirability.

We do not design buildings or VR environments; but help design experiences. In the end, our efforts create a base for those who design and manage offices, stores, products and even advertisements. We establish the ‘why’ behind design; and behind strategy. The result is often happy end-users who are more productive or happy customers who buy more. So somewhere out there, we fuel efficiency, which leads to profitability, in organisations.

To do this, we use our 3P method of Probe-Ponder-Prove, which borrows from Design Thinking principles. We design experiences by being human centric. At the same time, our proven approach begins and ends with the client – you are behind your success, we simply provide the path.

We have been doing this since 2003.

In 2016 we formed an alliance with Ideactio from Singapore to extend this philosophy to other areas. Whether you are starting up or established, irrespective of your nature of work, we apply our method to help people tackle complex problems and provide positive outcomes. Our services embark you on a design led innovation journey which enables you to develop deep empathy with your clients and gather strong insights.

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