iDream which began in 2003, as an Architectural design firm focused on designing for corporate organisations, has evolved to strongly believe and fulfil the need of a consultant which has an over-arching role in the project life-cycle, hand-holding the project owner; rather than being a milestone in a linear process.

Calculator ButtonFirstly, for Gods sake, it is a project life “cycle”! So it is NOT a ‘linear’ process where a client first hires a real estate broker, than an Architect, then a Project Manager, then contractors and so on. Every stakeholder in a project life cycle affects each other’s performance; such effect can be positive when everyone is on the same plane, and work ‘together’, rather than ‘after’ or ‘before’.

hIRE AN aRCHITECTiDream hand-holds project owners, and begins its association at the beginning, when the idea begins to germinate in the mind. Today iDream is involved from the pre-feasibility stage and helps clients not only with the simulation of the project life cycle, but also in defining and managing the project process, including the criteria for the selection of real estate agents, project managers, contractors and even hey….even Architects!

By doing so, we do believe that we help our clients save time and money and at the same time; rid the industry of its unfortunate malpractices.

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