This is a 3-month engagement resulting in the creation of a blueprint for the future of an organization’s workspace (blend of physical & digital), aligned with the corporate vision.

In the workplace of today, the physical and digital worlds have merged. Physical spaces, products and assets will retain some importance but more and more business will be conducted in a digital world. What does this mean for organizations? How will they adapt to this change?

There are other shocking data. At any given time, about one-third of all knowledge workers in private and public sectors are working remotely. Only 30 to 40 percent of employees with assigned spaces are actually using them. The very nature of work has changed and so has workers’ aspirations. This demands a radical change in the way workplaces are imagined, which is today a blend of the physical and the digital.

How soon and how do organizations need to change in order to stay relevant in a fast changing world? Will they need to adopt new HR policies?

The iDream methodology encourages corporations to look beyond workers as numbers. After workers, real estate is the second largest spend for any organization. Real estate, in the form of workplaces, is used for and by workers, to work within and around it. The ‘payback’ of such a spend is dependent on how productive workers are. In the ‘collaboration economy’ of today, productivity is determined by the quality of thinking. Such quality can be shaped by the surrounding environment; i.e. the blended workplace of the physical and the digital.

The iDream methodology of stepping back from codified management processes can be beneficial for organizations, irrespective of whether they are starting up or established. Irrespective of whether it is an office, or a factory or a superstore. Such an approach allows alignment of the new-age workplace with the vision of the organization. It begins by identifying the radically new meaning for people to find inspiration at work. iDream handholds clients down this path and helps organizations re-design themselves and adopt to a radically new meaning of work, workers and workplaces.

With the focus being on using space as the starting point of innovation, the result often is a connected organization that becomes nurturing ground for creativity. This occurs as the new environment allows ideas to bounce against east other. The application of creativity in everything that workers do, leads to an innovative organization.

This is a macro level service, the findings of which can be deployed multiple locations, with necessary localization. The blueprint created becomes a base for Architects, Project Managers, Tech Teams, Facility Managers and Planners engaged in setting up future workplaces. It is you who will bring about the change, we only facilitate the process; allowing you to stay relevant and to have a positive impact on the bottom-line.

Common end results:

  • Unlock creativity
  • Boost productivity
  • Facilitate work alignment with organization’s vision
  • Improved bottom line