In the workplace of today, the physical and digital worlds have merged. Physical spaces, products and assets will retain some importance but more and more business will be conducted in a digital world. What does this mean for organisations? How will they adapt to this change?

There there are other shocking data. At any given time, about one-third of all knowledge workers in private and public sectors are working remotely. Only 30 to 40 percent of employees with assigned spaces are actually using them.

How soon and how do organisations need to change in order to stay relevant in a fast changing world? Will they need to adopt new HR policies?

Application of iDream 3P methodology encourages corporations to look beyond people as numbers. After people, real estate is the second largest spend for any organization. Real estate is used for and by people, to work within and around it. The ‘payback’ of such a spend is dependent on how efficiently the people within it perform. People are at the center of every successful business, so it’s time to put the human experience at the center of what you do.

3P Org is employed by organizations, irrespective of whether they are starting up or established. Irrespective of whether it is an office, or a factory or a superstore. iDream handholds clients with a focus on optimizing efficiency of real estate and the people within, by focusing on the needs and wants of the people, and combining that with feasibility and viability of the emerging solution.

The conventional approach of corporations has been to focus on feasibility and viability of a project. Employing the 3P method allows us to deep dive and get insights from potential end-users such that the final solution is desirable too, besides being viable and feasible. We do believe that “perfection” does not define success—rather, the best outcome lies at the intersection of desirability, feasibility, and viability. In truth, the odds of every little bit of something being perfect are slim.

3P Org is a macro level service, the findings of which can be deployed multiple locations, with necessary localization. It is you who will bring about the change, we only facilitate the process; allowing you to stay relevant and to have a positive impact on the bottom-line.