As proponents of the 3P method and as experts in designing experiences, we are uniquely capable of bringing our expertise to organizations and demonstrate the possible positive impact on bottom-lines. The interactive and experiential workshop familiarizes key stakeholders with the method, and puts groups through the paces of learning the 3P process by doing. Participants apply each phase of the process to a specific challenge and get exposure to an experience by using tools such as 1-on-1 empathy interviewing, customer personas, and empathy maps, and apply rapid prototyping techniques that result in an actual solution to the given challenge. A generic end result of the workshop is an appreciation for the value of understanding end users’ unique desires, and the positive impact on productivity by using such insights for idea generation in the planning of new projects and initiatives.


  • Encourage creative thought while working within established constraints
  • Reach consensus quickly and have people inspired and excited to take action
  • Ideas are generated faster and are of higher quality
  • Tap into the “groupmind” of creative collaboration while preventing groupthink
  • The entire process is efficient, experiential, and fun