We’re a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love to create exceptional value for our clients. The team has been led by Parthajeet Sarma since 2003 and seconded by Sibani Chakravarty Sarma.

Parthajeet Sarma (B.Arch., MBA): Believer

PSEntrepreneur, Innovator, Author: we were able to summarize Parthajeet into three short incomplete words….incomplete because he says he is not done yet. He firmly believes he would be the key to mankind’s survival in the zombie apocalypse. A graduate of Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai, armed with an MBA, Parthajeet spent a few years working at large corporations, before starting iDream in 2003. Innovative work in off-site manufacturing in housing has won Parthajeet awards like the ET Power of Ideas, Sankalp Awards and others. He is also a Chevening scholar from Oxford University, UK.

Over the last two decades, Parthajeet has helped create value in over 300 assignments for Indian and Multinational organisations.

Parthajeet believes much in the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth and often tours educational institutions to interact with the youth. He is a speaker at industry forums and has been featured across various forms of media, including programs like CNBC TV-18’s “Young Turks”.

Sibani Chakravarty Sarma (B.Arch., MBA) : Co-Believer

SSOn a long and lonesome highway, east of Mumbai, somewhere between the introduction of the floppy disk and Operation Desert Storm, Sibani realized she had a passion for all things creative. A graduate of Sir JJ College of Architecture, armed with a rare MBA, Sibani worked with Knight Frank, Standard Chartered Bank and Projectwell before finding a warm corner at iDream. Nearly 2 decades of industry experience across design and general management, to drive a ‘lab setting’ at iDream, that allows ideas to collide with each other.

Besides working on client assignments, in recent years, she has been instrumental in conceptualizing and realizing a lab called Gallopper. Gallopper, through design-led innovation, harnesses the power of people & place. It is experimentation and collaboration ground for those who believe that the future is already here.

When not in a team meeting, Sibani enjoys beautifying her house, dreaming she can drive a car, reading and spending time with her family.