What is in it for you?

 • Access to new clients, new business

• Learn the tenets of Persuasive Design

• Understand the manifestation of strategy onto Design

• Access to regular meet-ups and knowledge sharing sessions


• Once you express your interest by filling in the form below, we will set up a training schedule.

• An agreement is executed between you and us.

• We publish your details on our website, and you become part of our marketing reach-out programs.

what is expected from you?

• Appoint at least one Architect or Interior Designer who will be dedicated to the partnership, learn the nuances of Persuasive Design and co-create solutions.

• Promote the benefits of following a path of Persuasive Design from Strategy to Design.

What is it all about?

iDream, its founders and alliance partners Advanced Workplace Associates of London, have been at the forefront of Workplace Strategy and Change Management, much before the terms became popular during the pandemic. The boutique strategy team in India has followed the tenets of Persuasive Design, in determining workplace strategy, and in change roll-outs. This is a discipline that focuses on influencing human behavior through a workplace’s characteristics.

The experiences of handling pandemic era client expectations exposed the gap that exists between strategy and workplace design. This opens up an opportunity to establish a handshake with select Workplace Design specialists, trained in the nuances of design manifestation derived from strategy, following the above approach. iDream invites select Architects and Interior Designers focused on workplace design, to partner. Partners will be trained on the nuances of persuasive design. The aim: effect a smooth transition between strategy and design, resulting in workplaces that actually work for users, and not simply act as masterpieces. Workplaces designed on the basis of small and big data, and which flex in real time (by relying on big data) to create personalized experiences for its occupants.

Why is it required?

Traditionally, workplaces have been designed on the basis of ‘design briefs’ determined by management. Such design briefs are based on leadership vision, and often ignores user/employee aspirations. The leadership vision may be fact-based but often there is no research or evidence to back user/employee aspirations. This often results in workplaces that are masterpieces in themselves, but does not always work for its users, as it may not represent unspoken, latent and real needs of users. When users are not involved in the change process, a lack of ownership is often seen, however good the new workplace may be.

Employees do not want to be told to do things. They do not like when things are ‘done to them’. They want to be part of the change process. The days of management determining what’s best for them are gone. This opens up the opportunity to do two things:

1. Involve workplace users in a co-creation process to determine new ways of working

2. Through the co-creation process, develop workplace designs that influence positive user behaviour through the characteristics of the space itself. No more telling them what to do.

Idream follows the tenets of Persuasive Design to effect #1 and #2 above, and determine workplace strategies. As our work is limited to determining the strategy, the translation of #2 to workplace design by client appointed Architects and Designers often results in gaps between the evidence-based strategy and the final designs. This is likely due to a lack of understanding about the nuances of persuasive design by the workplace designers. This opens up the opportunity for iDream to partner with select workplace design specialists, to effect workplaces that reflect both the true aspirations of users and honour leadership vision.

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