Who is it for

• HR Leaders

• Innovation leaders

• Facilities/CRE leaders

• IT Heads

• Consultants involved in setting up new ways of working

• CXOs

key takeaways

• Understand why a focus on making work easy is important

• Understand ‘how’

• The basics of user centric design in crafting workplace experiences

• Understand the basics of persuasive design

• Get a fresh perspective on how to attract and retain talent

immersive experience

This is a ‘learn by doing’ workshop, comprising of case studies and exercises. It is highly interactive in nature, with participants working together in groups and learning.

Participants learn the step by step process and also get a feel of how to lead and participate in the design of employee journey touchpoints.

What is EasyWork?

Gain a powerful, unique new perspective to attracting and retaining talent in the post covid world.

Leadership and employees alike have faced difficulties in returning to a sense of normalcy in the new ways of hybrid work, in the post Covid world. While knowledge workers embrace the growing ease of working off digital platforms, the gap between the ease of working virtually and in the physical world widens. The world of work is hurtling towards being on metaverses; and with that, expectations of smooth experiences while traversing the physical world of work rise. If people recognize a difference between the experiences of working remotely (virtual world) and from office (physical world), the hybrid model will suffer damage. Neither leadership, nor employees want the hybrid model to go away.

The only way to deliver a smooth workplace experience journey, that traverses both the physical and the virtual, is to focus on making work easy. This calls for a shift from the current focus on making work interesting or a focus on motivating employees. The interesting fades away, so does motivation. Humans always gravitate towards the easy way of doing things, if a choice exists. Anything is easy when we find it relatable and there is ease of use. This is where ‘Easy Work’ stems from. In a world that faces a scarcity of talent, this method gives organizations and leaders a competitive advantage over others.

Past workshops

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The workshop is conducted by Parthajeet Sarma, Co-founder-iDream. A Chevening scholar (Oxford University), Parthajeet is a pioneer in Workplace Management in India, having worked with corporate clients around Workplace Strategy and Change Management for several years.

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