Our data driven approach enables a ‘New Ways of Work’ workplace strategy that is evidence based. 


Post strategy, ‘persuasion’ qualities are infused into the physical+digital workplace, crafting employee centric experiences.


We manage the change that the new workplace springs forth, such that the business and the people adapt to the changes.

We help make work feel easier

Work need not feel like work. Everything we do is centred around making different aspects of work feel easier than before. We rely on persuasive qualities of the physical and digital workplace to effect this.

People always gravitate towards the easy way of doing things, if a choice exists. The way to deliver a smooth workplace experience journey is to focus on making work easier. Employees find touch-points in workplace experience journeys only a) when they can relate to it and b) when there is ‘ease of use’; it takes less effort. Our EasyWork methodology envelopes everything we do in-house and with clients.

Where do we fit in?

We work in sync with client teams, as organisations go through the following or a combination of the same. 


You need direction on the future of your physical and digital workplaces.

hybrid work

You wish to establish the right mix for setting up Hybrid Work.


You wish to integrate your physical and digital workplaces.


You are exploring relocation (expansion or contraction), due to changing business needs.


Since 2003 we have worked on a wide variety of assignments, numbering over 300.

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