Workplace strategy is the planning and optimizing the physical and virtual environments to align with organisational goals, employee needs, and technological advancements for efficient and effective operations.

leadership vision

Understanding the leadership vision through a series of interventions like interviews and workshops.

employee aspirations

Understanding the true aspirations of employees through research comprising like surveys, focus groups, observations, etc (small data) and non-private badge data, employee app choices, etc (big data)

derive insights

Drawing insights from the data collected.


Follow structured co-creation methods to derive ideas from insights that leads to a strategy that works for both leadership and people.

Our data driven Workplace Strategy services are driven by Design Thinking principles, covering the above key components, leading to Employee Workplace Experiences that are aligned to employee aspirations and leadership vision.



Workplace strategy enhances productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction. By optimizing physical and virtual environments, and aligning with organizational goals, it helps attracts talent, and ensures a dynamic, adaptable work environment for sustained success.

Watch this short video on the basics of Workplace Strategy in Hybrid Work from Blend.

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