We are a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love to create exceptional value for our clients. Setting up the new-age workspace is way to serious to be left to either internal client resources or an external consultant. It is influenced by a plethora of factors and client organizations need to be able to tap onto the silent whispers around that. We create value by bringing to the table two sets of influencers; i.e. technology influencers and social influencers. The iDream team is structured in a way which allows external associates and internal resources to be tapped onto, depending  on the client organization’s mission.

The client organization plays an integrative role, and the iDream project leader only facilitates the process. The iDream team structure has evolved over fifteen years of learning with clients and associates.

Globally, the iDream team in India is associated with the Advanced Workplace Associates network, and is able to deliver projects across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Check out the global team here.

Key iDream Team Leaders in India

Parthajeet Sarma (B.Arch., MBA): Parthajeet has led the team’s evolution since 2003, and today works closely with corporate organisations as a team leader at the visioning stage. He has over 20 years of experience of having consulted corporate organizations on their spatial requirements.

Sibani Chakravarty (B.Arch., MBA): Sibani, with over 20 years experience, has a strong research background, having worked extensively to understand end-user behaviour,  during her earlier tenures at Knight Frank and Standard Chartered Bank. She leads research at iDream.