Employees, and humans in general act upon things when they can relate to it, not otherwise.

Human action is the result of these two simple factors, acting at the same time. A focus on the convergence of these two factors at every organizational touchpoint facilitates positive behaviours and desirable actions at the workplace. This is what we refer to as EasyWork. A focus on making work easier within organisations helps attract and retain scarce talent.

Even if they can relate to it, things get done when the effort required is relatively less in given options.

The tried and tested ethos that guides the services we offer.

Leadership and employees alike have faced difficulties in returning to a sense of normalcy in the new ways of hybrid work, in the post Covid world. While knowledge workers embrace the growing ease of working off digital platforms, the gap between the ease of working virtually and in the physical world widens.
The way to deliver a smooth workplace experience journey, that traverses both the physical and the virtual, is to focus on making work easy. This calls for a shift from the current focus on making work interesting or a focus on motivating employees. Humans always gravitate towards the easy way of doing things, if a choice exists. Anything is easy when we find it relatable and there is ease of use.


Not only are our services around Workplace Strategy and Change Management designed to make work easier for client end-users, but even our service delivery model is crafted around this.


The EasyWork approach of crafting workplace strategy and managing change significantly eliminates the dependency on training and development for behaviour changes. The characteristics of the approach are persuasive in nature. 


With the EasyWork score, it is possible to measure and monitor how easy work is for employees. 

Have you got your organisation’s EasyWork score evaluated?


Workplace designers, consultants and organisational stakeholders can learn this simple yet significant approach, and deliver EasyWork touch-points in employee workplace experience journeys. We organise training for this.

Fix what needs fixing

Any organisational change initiative that results in alterations in workplace journeys or touchpoints can be called a workplace transformation initiative. It could be the redesign of a workplace or the infusion of a new piece of workplace technology. It could even be the introduction of a new hybrid work policy. Before going down the path of such transformations, understand what needs fixing by getting your organisation’s EasyWork rating evaluated. Design and tech consultants (involved in such transformations) learn how to infuse EasyWork in your designs and strategies.

Discover how easy (or difficult) it is to navigate employee workplace journeys in your organisation. Understand which are the problem areas that require fixing.

If you are a workplace designer or consultant playing a crucial part in a workplace transformation initiative, learn how to infuse the EasyWork approach in your service deliverables.

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