The workplace is no more about the office alone, but is a combination of the office, home, other spaces and the ether. The division of the workforces’ time across each facet can be estimated on the basis of an understanding of employee’s aspirations, leadership vision, team workstyles and occupancy patterns. Analysis of such qualitative and quantitative data derives ratios like remote ratio and collaboration ration, which help quantify hybrid work patterns and policies.

Hybrid Work, centred around empathy, designs the work experience around and for the users, wherever they are. It empowers people by allowing them the flexibility to determine where, how and when they work. It promotes inclusiveness, engagement, and well-being for all employees.

We have helped craft hybrid work policies and operation manuals. Write to us below to engage in a dialogue around this.

Adoption of Hybrid Models of Work often leads to major savings.


We have ourselves practiced Hybrid Work for years. We would love to engage with you to set it up for you.

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