Knowledge workers work off digital mediums, allowing them to work from anywhere. In recent years, this has influenced the need to relook at the purpose of the physical office. Workers still need to visit the office, if not daily. Because people need people. Working virtually is smooth today; this raises the expectation of a smooth workplace journey, amongst users, when they traverse the physical workplace journey. Such a journey thus needs to be looked at as an integrated, seamless one.

Integration of User Apps like seat booking apps with productivity tools like MS Tools, commute and food apps, and further integration with building services like air-conditioning, lighting opens up tremendous possibilities to curate personalised experiences for workers. 

We work with office designers, MEP engineers, tech experts and other consultants to help curate employee experiences as they traverse the physical and digital worlds. Curation of experiences become possible only with access to real time and historical data. Such data is derived from a combination of sensors and user apps (big data) and through research (people data).

Such curation not only make the user experience richer and aide retention, but also help reduce the carbon footprint by enabling the building services to respond on the basis of occupancy and user habits.

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