Co-founder Parthajeet Sarma, who has over two decades of experience in the field, delivers this 60 mins talk followed by 30 mins of Q&A. The talk focuses on breaking away from the conventional way of codified management techniques and adopts a new approach in light of a radical new meaning of work, workers and workplaces. Codification of management techniques are easy to adopt by everyone, thereby reducing the chance to be innovative and distinctly different from each other. The need today is to step back from such codification and adopt a radical new meaning to find inspiration for workers, and align that with the organization’s vision for the future.

Numbers don’t make a product or a business successful. People do. People are at the centre of every successful business, so it’s time to put the human experience at the centre of what you do. In the collaboration economy, productivity is determined by the quality of thinking by people. The quality of thinking can be conditioned by their surrounding environment. Get introduced to the method of allowing such conditioning as you rethink and re-design the organization.

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