Organisations often relocate to newer locations, due to a variety of reasons like:
• Lease expiry
• Expensive lease
• Change of market geography
• Workplace no longer meets demands of growing or shrinking business
• Workplace design no more meets the demands of changing type of work

The cost of moving can be expensive and disruptive to business. Moving may not always be the best solution. We analyse your situation objectively so that you can take an informed decision if you should really move, or bring about changes at your current workplace.

The seed of thought about relocating is a good trigger to explore newer ways of working and consider options to transition to an agile workplace. A transformation to agile working enables workers the freedom to decide where, how and when they work from. Often a transition to agile working drastically reduces the real estate footprint, besides introducing an improved way of working. We help develop a workplace strategy that is aligned to your organizational mission. Such a strategy determines if a move works better or not.

It is common to observe that work areas within a workplace are not used for more than 60% of the time. This is a gross waste of expensive real estate, which can now be corrected, by deploying new ways of working supported by easily available seat allotment technology. Our workplace utilization studies help identify the efficiency of the workplace. Synthesis of such data become the bedrock of a workplace strategy.

We like to think of ourselves as human centric experience designers. Irrespective of whether you decide to move or to stay, it is of paramount importance that the transition (to a new location or to a new way of working) puts people at the centre of it. Knowledge workers are paid to think, and it is important that the workplace works for them. We help design an experience that involves understanding the aspirations of the end users, and aligns them with the organizational vision, by way of using space as the starting point. If individual aspirations are misaligned with the vision, it is a recipe for disaster, even if an organization moves to the fanciest of workplaces.

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