Welcome to “Work Made Easy,” a podcast hosted by workplace transformation expert Parthajeet Sarma that delves into the transformative power of simplicity in driving positive action and unlocking one’s fullest potential. In the inaugural episode, Parthajeet shares a compelling story of transformation featuring Lisa Whited and provides insightful analysis on the key takeaways from this inspiring tale.

The Story of Linda’s Transformation
The episode’s story revolves around an organization undergoing a monumental shift from traditional to modern working practices. In this context, 30% of the employees, including Linda, enjoyed the privilege of private offices, some of which had been theirs for two decades. Linda, our central character, had inhabited her private office for a remarkable 20 years. This narrative was recounted by Lisa Whited, the author of the book “Work Better, Save the Planet,” which redefines work methodologies and emphasizes sustainability.

Lisa’s story unfolds as she describes how Linda initially resisted the change, fearing the loss of her cherished private office. However, after the transition to an activity-based working environment with various workspaces designed for focus and collaboration, Linda’s perspective evolved drastically. She discovered that she could write reports more efficiently in these new spaces, completing tasks in half the time she had anticipated. This transformation turned Linda into a fervent advocate for activity-based working.

Key Takeaways from the Story

  1. Change is Met with Trepidation: Parthajeet highlights the natural human tendency to resist change, emphasizing that the real magic happens when people experience change firsthand.
  2. Tailored Environments Foster Productivity: The importance of creating environments tailored to individuals’ needs is emphasized. When spaces are thoughtfully designed, they make tasks easier and more efficient, fostering a positive attitude towards change.
  3. Familiarity Breeds Positivity: People are naturally drawn to what is familiar and user-friendly. The episode emphasizes the value of creating relatable elements in new systems, facilitating smoother transitions and increased acceptance.
  4. The Power of Social Proof: The story of Linda demonstrates the influence of social proof. Witnessing someone else’s success in a new setting often motivates individuals to embrace change.
  5. Positive Feedback Loop: Positive actions lead to positive results, inspiring further positive actions. This creates a feedback loop that propels continuous improvement.


Embracing change with an open mind and designing spaces and systems that make life easier can lead to positive outcomes and inspire others to follow suit. By leveraging familiarity, relatability, and social proof, we can create a world where positive change becomes second nature. As Parthajeet signs off, he leaves listeners with a message of encouragement: “When life gets tough, just take a deep breath and remind yourself, ‘I got this,’ because you do.”

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