This customized consultancy offering is meant for land owners. We begin at the beginning. If there is a land parcel, which has the potential to be developed and turned into a project, we come in. In conventional thinking and research, decisions regarding the nature of the development are based on numerical projections. Such projections emerge from analysis of primary and secondary data, using conventional tools like questionnaires and studying publicly available data.

Conventional studies focus on feasibility and viability of a project across various parameters. Employing the 3P method allows us to deep dive and get insights from potential end-users such that the final solution is desirable too, besides being viable and feasible.

We do believe that “perfection” does not define success—rather, the best outcome lies at the intersection of desirability, feasibility, and viability.

In truth, the odds of every little bit of something being perfect are slim. Usually you have to give something up to get something. In land development projects when we get focused on feasibility and viability, we end up taking a very unbalanced approach and sacrificing other important aspects that our version of “perfection” failed to take into account.

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