“The era of the Single Savior is over. What is needed now is joint action, combined effort, collective co-creation.” -Neal Donald Walsch

A survey was conducted in May 2020, during the lockdown, in association with Freespace and IFMA India, covering over 120 corporate organisations, to understand their biggest challenges in returning workers back to work. Additionally conversations were held with about 40 senior corporate leaders representing medium and large organisations, to understand their insights around challenges from the perspective of management, infrastructure and employee wellbeing. A report of the survey was generated and this was followed by an online discussion on the findings of the report. The discussion focused on looking at the meaning of the statistics and drawing insights from them. Such insights give rise to opportunities, and these in turn lead participants to:
a) Defining problems correctly and
b) Finding ideas to solve some of the understood problems

This has been a great exercise in co-creation where participants gave insights which has collectively led other participants to draw inspirations and find solutions for some of the challenges they face in these trying times. iDream wishes to carry this one step forward, and now welcomes others to share their biggest challenge and also talk about solutions that have found, if any. If not, allow others to throw a different perspective to your challenge, and this may help you face your challenges better. We believe in an open-source approach. We know that we have a better chance of evolving a better way of working if we enable co-create of solutions with end-users, that is you.

HOW DO YOU HELP CO-CREATE? There is a simple form below, that you can use to write down the No. 1 challenge that you faced as a leader. Below that you can write down steps you took to mitigate the problem. If you are unsure of the solution you have thought of and can do with a bit of a different perspective, you can leave that blank. We will get one of other participants to try and give their perspective on how they see the problem and their outlook on looking for a solution to it. You are encouraged to enter details about your organization, but should you want to remain igcognito, we respect that too. So, go ahead and help co-create.

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