We have been preparing for a redesign and we’ve been wondering “How much does an ecommerce website cost in 2018?”. Over the past 6 years, we’ve worked with dozens of ecommerce brands in multiple verticals. Throughout that time, we developed an internal system for quickly sizing up ecommerce brands regardless of who they are. Our web designs have been quite mediocre and very comformative, but after consulting around a bit about an ecommerce website cost, we have been meeting to get an efficient design for our website. We have also been coming up with a physical design for the office space as well.Image result for new trends in office renewal

An efficient design in the early days used to be understood as a design that in the early days used to be understood as a design which would fit in the maximum number of staff, a term loosely used, especially in the outsourcing industry. Today organizations are beginning to view this differently with demands for efficiencies between different departments, integrated work flow patterns, smart design of services with flexibility built in such that only “as much is required” is utilized, and is the same way with the interior systems of the office in electrical and water matters as this is as much important as having a good design, you can’t have the interior finish if the systems are not done, plumbing services it’s important for your home maintenance you can hire plumbers in nj and can do a check of this and assure your new office space to be ready for use.

Image result for new trends in office renewalOrganizations are beginning to appreciate that building-design inefficiencies, indeed lead to higher productivity amongst user groups, thus ensuring more for the buck. Its business after all!

Flexibility in design of workplaces has become paramount. With property prices soaring, gone are the days of fixed workdesks and spaces. Designers with leading Interior Design and Architectural firm, iDream today attempt to incorporate multiple uses of spaces at the workplace. Senior Desginer, Anirban says that “Staff which spend a lot of time outside the workplace are encouraged to work from “hot-desks”, meeting rooms double up as interview rooms or as private offices for guests, operable partitions make a space bigger or smaller, depending on the need, stackable furniture allows one to quickly clear a public space like a cafeteria for a gathering”. These and other ideas lead to substantial savings as spaces change their usage depending on the need of the day.

Technology has a major role to play in ensuring such flexibility and most designers today keep themselves updated about innovations in technology. We are preparing a design of a workplace which will include a space to do exercise, we will have rooms so people can change their office clothes to exercise clothes like a pair of amazon compression socks when doing exercisie.

The Indian workplace has changed from “Babudom” behind closed doors to a completely open culture in the BPOs to a rationalization in terms of efficiencies and costs. Developing social spaces which allow staff to mingle in the otherwise stressed worklife has become important. What was earlier restricted to a ‘fancy’ cafeteria with a games room has now evolved into more meaningful spaces like huddle areas, which double up as meeting spaces, libraries, gymnasiums and meditation areas. As work pressures take a toll on the human mind and soul, organizations feel the importance of building such social spaces which soothe the mind and the body. Such spaces also act as socializing hot spots amongst a generation which is growing up on the internet.

With long and stressful working hours, ergonomics at the workplace has been elevated to a science, even leading to the birth of a creed called ergonomics doctors. Experienced designers like Anirban at iDream, understand that it is in their best interest to vehemently push the incorporation of certain basic ergonomics principles in the modern workplace. He opined that “Although “cost cutting” is the flavour of the season, organizations must not compromise on certain must dos like ergonomic furniture and ergonomic finishes & detailing. It is a proven fact that the resultant losses (health and absentism) of a client not considering such factors can be much higher that the savings one can garner by not building an ergonomic workplace.”

iDream Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is an architectural and interior designing firm with a strong commitment to building sustainable built environments. The firm has delivered building solutions to organisations across all corners of India.



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