Till a few years back, the expansion of teams at the workplace triggered thoughts around how to accommodate them and how this would lead to more space to be made available. Often this would lead to additional space being leased out or relocation to a bigger facility. However, this narrative has changed today. An expanding team does not necessarily mean more space.

Our team is experienced to conduct utilization studies of workplaces to determine the efficiency. It is common to observe that work areas within a workplace are not used for more than 60% of the time. This allows much leverage to accommodate an expanding team. The data from such utilization studies are used as a base to formulate a workplace strategy, which determines whether an expanding team can be accommodated within the existing space or not. If not, the strategy defines the blueprint to accommodate the expanded team.


Teams contract too. Sometimes this happens due to shrinking business. However sometimes this also happens due to off shoring of jobs or due to robotization of jobs, and is not always bad news. In either case, a shrunk team size usually implies reduced real estate footprint. A reduced footprint could lead to sub-leasing of excess real estate or relocation to a smaller space. We help organisations enable such decision making, by delving deep to understand the people dynamics, along with the business goals. Out of this emerges a strategy that determines the best way forward.

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