This is a an exercise in co-creation and requires about 3 mins of your time. Your inputs will go a long way in contributing to co-evolving solutions meant to make life easier for employees as they make their way back to the workplace.

In May 2020, the International Facilities Management Association, tech company Freespace and iDream got together to conduct an online survey to understand the biggest ‘on-ground’ challenges that medium and large organisations faced as they prepared to get employees back at the workplace. The survey threw up a few surprises, and the results can be seen here. Here is an article in the press about the same. Besides the 120 corporate organisations who took part in the survey, about 30 corporate leaders also spoke with the research team. In these conversations, one thing was becoming very clear: organisations were concerned more about their employees than the physical infrastructure. People centricity has taken centre stage.

This is stage 2 of the research, and is an attempt to understand organisations’ current approach towards the people factor. This is a quick 3 min survey. We encourage you to fill up the form below and also recommend your industry colleagues in other corporate organisations to fill it up.

The insights from the last survey has helped co-create some Covid 19 era practical solutions, and it continue to do so. Once you complete this survey, you will get a glimpse of these. We believe that your participating in this current survey is a noble act in the joint co-creation initiative. We truly believe that the era of the single savior is over; it is a time for joint effort.

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