Thanks to technology, ‘work’ and ‘place’ seem to be getting separated from each other in the ‘workplace’ that we have known so far. The culture and the ability to ‘work from anywhere’, has given rise to a ‘third place’, besides home and the workplace. This third place is a blend of the physical and digital as we carry our work on our digital devices, in our pockets. This move has disrupted many existing models of how humans work and has opened up opportunities for newer business models to flourish.

For 20 years, we have been boosting employee productivity by helping organizations rethink the blended workspace of the physical and digital, resulting in an improved bottom-line. Watch how we do it here.

The subconscious mind is like cruise control for humans and shapes behavior. The environment that one is in, conditions the mind. At work, the workplace environment conditions quality of thinking. For organizations in a collaboration economy today, productivity depends on the quality of thinking, and not so much on efficiency. The blended workplace is the starting point of innovation for organizations that believe in being distinctly different.

We handhold organizations in their quest to be distinctly different, using space as the starting point of innovation. Such space is a blend of the physical workplace and a digital domain. We find out, though tried and tested techniques, what end users want, and align that with the vision of the client organization. Such data points are then used to define the space mix that allows workers’ cognitive resources to flourish and lead to greater productivity. Organization redesign takes a whole new meaning.

We help create blended workspaces of the physical and digital, which allows ideas to bounce off each other, leading to Eureka moments. For, chance favours the connected mind.

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