Workbay, in collaboration with iDream and Gallopper, presents a 1-day workshop on “Innovation in the face of Change”

Sunday, July 30, 2017 | Workbay, Santacruz West, Mumbai

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How do you remain innovative, as an individual, as an organization and as a society, when the world around us is changing faster and faster? The physical and digital worlds have merged, creating a new definition of space. The future is here; it is the future-present. You work and play from your bedroom to the boardroom. There is no work-life balance, but work-life integration. In our digitally aided lives, what you see is not always what it seems.

Change is but inevitable. But humans resist change, and we often try to tackle that as a people problem. What if it is not a people problem, but a situation problem? What appears as resistance to change, may be a lack of clarity.

In this workshop, learn how to get clarity in the midst of disruptive change around us. Then, how do you discover innovative ways to stay on top. The workshop follows a “learn by doing” methodology and is replete with multiple exercises, which allow participants to “think with their hands”. This ensures that the learning is easy and remains ingrained.

Key takeaways

  • How to adapt to change
  • Using the right brain and left brains effectively
  • How to be human-centric
  • Innovation techniques in a changed world

Who is the workshop for

  • CXOs/Business owners
  • Innovation Leaders
  • HR Managers
  • Corporate Real Estate Managers
  • Designers


Parthajeet Sarma (B.Arch., MBA, Chevening fellow): Parthajeet is the founder director of innovation-consulting firm iDream ( With a background in design, Parthajeet has a deep understanding of the changing nature of space, from being a physical entity to becoming one integrated with the virtual. He continuously evolves new techniques to enable people and organisations to remain innovative and efficient. Besides consulting corporates in product and services development, Parthajeet works with organisations to co-evolve the optimum combination of physical and digital spaces required, to remain efficient. He dedicates part of his time towards in-house R&D of products and services and has won several awards and recognitions, in India and overseas, for such efforts. He conducts innovation workshops and is a regular speaker in universities and business forums. More at:

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