The Worker Wellbeing module is one half of the iDream Post Covid Safe Return to Work” program. This module is repurposed for the need of the hour, includes the following 3 components, spread over a 9-12 month period. With employee wellbeing as a priority, this is a good period to use data analysis to customize programs them physically and mentally fit, and allow them to be at their productive best. This is a portfolio of solutions, that can be further customised to help organisations use the downtime to enhance the happiness and performance quotient of their employees.

MONTHLY EMPLOYEE WELLBEING SURVEYS: iDream customizes surveys for clients, and the data is periodically analysed to spot gaps between management expectations and worker insights. The evidence leads to better decision making. See a sample here.

IMMERSIVE ACTIVITY BASED WORKSHOPS: Based on the survey inputs, immersive activities are planned to achieve desired results. With a vision of these activities boosting productivity or wellbeing, the activity itself is planned in a manner that something tangible is achieved at the end of it. See a sample here.

INTERACTIVE TRAINING: Interactive training programs, based on survey inputs are conducted as and when felt necessary. Some of these may be conducted by iDream and some by other agencies; depending on the need that emerges from the surveys. See a sample here.

CUSTOMISED ONLINE LEARNING MODULES: iDream customises learning modules for organisations, to help deliver specific results. Such modules can be automated to track progress and provide feedback. See a sample here.

ADVANCED WORKPLACE INSTITUTE, UK: In addition to the above 3 components, iDream can custom-design an annual package for clients to include modules from the the Advanced Workplace Institute (“AWI”), London. AWI is the pioneering global institute for learning modules around work, workers and workplaces. Click here to learn more about the institute.

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