Workplaces become inefficient over time due to changing nature of work as well as technical wear out. Unseen costs arriving out of such inefficiencies can be very high and play a major role in increasing operational expenditures. However this can well be reversed and controlled, if periodic audits are done. There are two parts to this:

  1. Workplace Utilization Study
  2. Workplace Infrastructure Audit


By the use of sensors, we secure information about the way your workplace is used and how much of it is actually occupied at any one time. The workplace utilization study provides a body of evidence that provides insights towards discussions and the formulation of a workplace strategy.

This study is based on the Advanced Workplace Associates, London methodology. Read more here


Building infrastructure and IT infrastructure become inefficient over time due to wear and tear. Our experts work with your HR, IT and facilities team to review the performance of such infrastructure, helping identify pain points and strategize the changes required to best support a transition to new ways of working.

This is only the beginning. The findings from the above often become the base to draft a workplace strategy. Our approach to workplace transformation is to develop solutions and strategies that help clients optimise workplace asset efficiency. We combine a series of tools that apply algorithms and theory, in order to formulate conclusions about your workplace.

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