The Workplace Wellbeing module is one half of the iDream Post Covid Safe Return to Work” program. This module is repurposed for the need of the hour, and presented in association with Freespace. As re-population of the workplace begins, organisations are exploring how to ensure a safe work environment for their employees. With health as a priority, policies and practices around social distancing, hygiene, cleaning, and compliance are likely to form part of the return to workplace plan. This is a portfolio of technology solutions to help organisations plan, implement and manage new and ongoing workplace strategies that support employees as they adjust to a new way of working.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Ensuring employees adhere to social distancing guidelines will be crucial in achieving a safe place to work. Here is a design service to help calculate an occupancy floorplan which works seamlessly with teh Freespace digital signage to communicate the new plan to employees. New features in the analytics platform provide the tools to anonymously monitor the compliance of these new practices. Find out more.

OCCUPANCY BASED CLEANING: While the demand for increased cleaning will put greater pressure on FM teams, visible and confirmed cleaning practices will become vital to address the ‘hygiene anxiety’ staff will experience. Freespace have developed technologies that can automate occupancy based cleaning using the Cleanreader and SPOT system. The daily clean dashboard ensures teams can create a cleaning audit and prioritise resources for high risk areas.
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EMPLOYEE REASSURANCE: A universally accepted approach to reducing workplace anxiety is regular communication. The use of Freespace digital signage and Safe Return App allows instant and dynamic delivery of workplace and health information at the exact point it needs to be consumed. Combined with live sensor data, the platforms convey which spaces are safe to use, new cleaning processes and policies such as single usage of desks. Find out more

COMPLIANCE & PLANNING: Data driven insights will be critical as organisations increase the population in the workplace. The analytics platform delivers the historic occupancy data to plan the re-opening of floors or spaces, identify the frequency of social distancing breaches and understand the behaviour of teams to determine a balance with home working. All of these will become key factors in planning a long term real estate strategy. Find out more

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