Humans are wired to follow the path of least resistance. If one doesn’t have to do something, he or she will not do it. Technology has enabled humans to work from coffee shops and from home, reducing the need to go to work. The very meaning of work has changed for modern day workers where the workplace is no more a physical space. The new workplace is a blended space of the physical and the digital.

The subconscious mind is like cruise control for humans and shapes behavior. The environment that one is in conditions the mind. At work, the workplace environment conditions quality of thinking. For organizations in a collaboration economy today, productivity depends on the quality of thinking, and not so much on efficiency. The blended workplace is the starting point of innovation for organizations that believe in being distinctly different.

This workshop allows such thinking to begin. The entire process is efficient, experiential, and fun

This exercise-laden ‘learn by doing’ workshop, delves into psychology, human evolution and science to draw connections with greatly changed expectations from work. This facilitates a macro view, leading to a radical new meaning of work, workers and workplaces that is aligned with an organization’s vision for the future. The interactive and experiential workshop familiarizes key stakeholders with the benefits of organization redesign using all five senses. Participants apply learnings to a specific challenge and get exposure to the merits of stepping back from codified management processes, big picture thinking and aligning that with an organization’s vision for the future. At the same time, participants get to experience tools which allow them to understanding end users’ needs, and the positive impact on productivity by using such insights for idea generation.


  • Business owners
  • Senior management
  • HR leaders
  • Innovation leads


  • Get familiar with the blended workplace of the physical and the digital and changing human aspirations
  • Big picture thinking and moving away from codified management processes like 3 steps to success, etc
  • Power of place: how the surrounding environment can shape thinking and condition the mind
  • Familiarization about a radically new meaning of work, workers and workplaces
  • Evolving a new HR approach involving employee wellness through the lenses of the blended space
  • When to, and not to, use Design Thinking

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